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North of the River Seminar Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th March

Taiho-Jutsu (Arresting Art)
In 1947 TAIHO JUTSU or Arresting was officially created for the Japanese police with an official technical manual . 
Taiho Jutsu has been subjected to a number of revisions by other Sensei which have taken into account the changing requirements of the police.
Officers were taught to use a five foot staff called a JO and the KEIBO or police baton approximately fourteen inches long was introduced in a number of techniques called KEIBO SOHO. Then in 1966 the Japanese police adopted the use of an extending tubular baton called TOKUSHU KEIBO
In 1973 Taiho Jutsu was introduced to the UK by Sensei Brian Eustace when he was asked to review the system of police self defence training.
Taiho Jutsu employs the use of simple to learn techniques that have been tried and tested by police officers and military personnel.
Taiho Jutsu taught within the Shoshinkan Dojo uses techniques based on pain complience.  Shoshinkan hold regular courses in self defence and restraining techniques.
Training Times

Tuesday: 7.30pm – 9.00pm
Saturday: 2.15pm - 4.30pm

Shaun Hoddy 7th Dan 七 段 Tomiki Aikido
​                          1st Dan  初段 Taiho-Jutsu
Greg Barton   5th Dan 五 段 Tomiki Aikido
Andy Wisbey  5th Dan 五 段 Tomiki Aikido
Alan Cooper  2nd Dan 二段 Tomiki Aikido
​Gary Maiden 2nd Dan 二段 Tomiki Aikido

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